.: Vision & Values :.

I actively train and compete with my dogs in many sports, and the goal for my breeding is to create the ideal sports dog with flash and function. I have herded with all of my dogs to make sure that they have their instincts intact before breeding them, but herding is not a main activity for us. My priority is agility, rally-obedience, obedience, shows and sometimes smeller or working. I want a border collie that can work focused without stress, and that is why I use show lines for sports. They are truly amazing, and are the perfect dogs in my opinion. 


My mantra is Healthy, Happy, Hardworking and Handsome.
Every dog I choose for my breeding program must tick all these boxes:


Healthy – I strive to take every single possible health test and DNA test available on the market before breeding, to make sure that my puppies are as healthy as possible. Of course, no guarantees can be given, but I do everything in my power.


Happy – a dog with a great temperament is the best companion you could ever wish for, and mentality should be one of the most important traits in a dog. A dog should function well in all situations.


Hardworking – a steady focused dog without stress, with perseverance and a strong will to please is an amazing partner when training and competing.


Handsome – because you CAN have both brains and beauty. A strong, solid and correct structure is important – not only for its health and good looks, but also for its ability to do its job.

.: Commitments and responsibilities :.

I was a member of the board of ASKN (The Australian Shepherd Club of Norway) for years. Later, I was in the breeding comittee and I was also the puppy councilor for australian shepherds in Norway, on behalf of ASKN.


I regularly contribute to update the Anadune Border Collie database.

See ya ringside!