.: Puppy plans :.

The E-litter is planned for probably 2024 or 2025 and will be after Gaia if all goes according to plan and she passes the rest of her health tests. So far, so good. Sorry to keep those who are interested in a Pristine puppy waiting, but I would like to train and compete with Gaia a lot more before I use her in my breeding programme. She is such a great dog to train, and for now I just want to enjoy our partnership.

Puppies will only be sold to ambitious people who want to actively compete with their dog.

If you are interested in waiting for a Pristine puppy, please fill out this form .

A puppy is only considered reserved after a deposit of 200 EUR is paid.
This is not refundable, but will be deducted from the puppy price.

The puppies will be ready to move into their new homes when they are 8 weeks. If the puppy stays at Kennel Pristine for longer than 9 weeks, a small daily fee will apply.

.: Kennel Pristine follows :.

– NKKs guidelines and strategy for breeding
– FCI International Breeding Rules
– FCI Standing Orders
– FCI Breeding Strategies

.: Pristine Puppies will be :.

– Guaranteed clear of CEA/CH, TNS, CL, MDR1.
– After thoroughly DNA tested parents for other hereditary diseases as well.
– After parents that are x-rayed clear (hips and elbows)
– After parents that are x-rayed clear of OCD (shoulders)
– After parents that are eye checked clear as puppies and adults
– Registered in the Norwegian Kennel Klub (NKK)
– Chip registered
– Health examined at 7 weeks
– Eye examined at 7 weeks
– Vaccined
– Dewormed every other week until delivery
– Insured at Agria
– Already accustomed to short car trips
– Socialized with people, dogs and cats

.: Puppy buyers will get :.

– Puppy kit (blanket from the puppy box, toy, food, etc.)
– Pedigree
– Buyers contract
– Certificate from the veterinary health check
– Certificate from the eye examination
– A letter of information
– Health results for both parents
– Pictures of both parents
– Show / competition calendar for Team Pristine
– A USB stick with all relevant documentation
– Lots of pictures of the puppies
– Lifelong support and advise