Pristine Daydream

The second she was born and I held her for the first time I knew she was my keeper. Instant connection, instant love. Gaia had already stolen my heart, and she is truly my soulmate. I worship her. She has such a fun personality, with humor and charm, and a touch of crazy. Super fast learner, high speed in executing tasks, loves to work, good focus, doesn’t get distracted. Perfect partner. NO57506/21
Born: 13.07.2021
Color: seal/white
Teeth: missing upper p3
Height: 49 cm
Weight: 15 kg

Hips: (will be xrayed at 2 years of age)
Elbows: (will be xrayed at 2 years of age)
OCD: (will be xrayed at 2 years of age)

Eyes: Clear as puppy. Genecitally clear of glaucoma.

Sounds: Does not react to loud sounds, thunder, gunshots, orchestras, etc.

Canine Cyclic Neutropenia: one parent is clear
Collie Eye Anomaly / Choroidal Hypoplasia: clear
Cystinuria: clear
Degenerative Myelopathy: clear
Dental Hypomineralisation / Raine Syndrome: clear
Early Adult Onset Deafness: clear
Glaucoma / Goniodysgenesis: clear
Imerslund-Gräsbeck Syndrome /Cobalamin Malobsorption: clear
Malignant Hyperthermia: one parent is clear
Multi Drug Resistance / Ivermectin Sensitivity: clear
Myotonia Congenita: one parent is clear
Myotonia Hereditaria: clear
Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis: clear
Primary Lens Luxation: clear
Sensory Neuropathy: clear
Trapped Neutrophil Syndrome: clear
Von Willebrand’s disease: clear


Carries colors: ee red, sable, seal

Genetic profile: Ee | BB | KBKB | ayat | DD | SS | mm

– 1x BOB

– 1x BOB
– 1x LT JCAC

– Recruit class winner 2022 LOHK
– RL1 title
– Has achieved bronze award
– Competes in class 2

– Has achieved bronze award
– Is soon ready to compete in class 1

– Basic trained

NKK Int. Sandefjord 09.07.2023 
Intermediate, EXC2, CQ, BB4
Judge: Nina Karlsdotter, Sverige
Entries: 18

No critique.
NKK Int. Sandefjord 07.07.2023 
Intermediate, EXC2, CQ, BB3
Judge: Eva Eriksson, Sverige
Entries: 10

No critique.
DKK Int. Bornholm 24.06.2023 
Intermediate, EXC2
Judge: Dirk Spruyt, Belgia
Entries: 11

23 month old, good size, feminine head, slightly domed scull, medium dark eye, scissor bite, chest of good form but could be more developed, medium angulations, loose in elbows, tail still happy, could have a little more bone.
DKK Int. Bornholm 24.06.2023 
Intermediate, VG2
Judge: Jochen Eberhardt, Germany
Entries: 11

Elegant bitch that is wide all over and is missing two teeth. Sleek head, dark eyes, head posture and slender trunk when moving, move with a dubious step forward, good hair and character.
NKK Int. Bergen 13.05.2023 
Intermediate, EXC1
Judge: Terje Lindstrøm, Norge
Entries: 4

Passe stor. Velutviklet. Utmerket type. Feminint velskåret hode. Noe vidstilte tunge ører. Tilstrekkelig hals og vinkler. Noe fallende kryss. Gode ben og poter, pels og farge. Beveger seg energisk med god fasthet, men noe overbygd med noe kort steg bak.
LKC Int. Palanga 25.09.2022
Junior, VG
Judge: Hanne Laine Jensen, Danmark
Entries: 8

No critique given.
LKC Int. Palanga 24.09.2022
Judge: Markku Kipina, Finland
Entries: 8

No critique given.
LKC Int. Palanga 23.09.2022
Junior, EXC, 2JK
Judge: Valentinas Stiklius, Litauen
Entries: 7

No critique given.
SKK Int. Eskilstuna 20.08.2022
Junior, VG, 1JK
Judge: Leni Finne, Finland
Entries: 5

Korrekte proporsjoner. Kunne hatt mer benstamme. Kunne hatt kraftigere neseparti. Korrekt stopp. Kunne hatt mørkere øyne. Velbårne ører. Korrekt hals og overlinje. Knapt forbryst. Korrekt brystkasse. Kunne hatt mer vinkler foran. Korrekt steglengde.
NKK Int. Trondheim 28.05.2022
Junior, EXC, 1JK
Judge: Rob Douma, Netherlands
Entries: 6

10 months. Medium size. Medium strong bitch who needs more time to develop. Lovely feminine head. Correct bite. Dark eyes. Well carried ears. Enough neck. Level topline. Correct croup and tail set. Well angulated behind, but would love to see more in front. A bit narrow. Good feet. Good bone. On the move drive from behind, but needs to settle in front. Well presented.
DKK Int. Roskilde 15.05.2022
Junior, EXC, 2JK
Judge: Iveta Novakova
Entries: 11

Good type. Correct size. Nice head. Very good topline. Good chest. Front is closed. Movement is free but in the back it is very close.

DKK Int. Roskilde 14.05.2022
Junior, EXC, 1JK
Judge: Kim Vigsø Nielsen, Denmark
Entries: 9

10 mdr. Feminint hoved og udtryk. Korrekt skalle. Lavt ansatte ører. Velformede mørke øjne. Udmærket næseparti. Kraftig underkæbe. Lidt kort hals. Tilstrækkelig stærk ryg. Velanlagt lidt kort kryds. Udmærket krop for sin alder, dog lidt kort brystben. Tilstrækkeligt vinklet for og bag. Bevæger sig trangt kommende og gående. Korrekt pels og farve. Herligt temperament.
DKK Nordic Roskilde 13.05.2022
Junior, VG, 2JK
Judge: Rolf Blessing, Germany
Entries: 9

Clean bitch. Need more forface. Skull must be more flat. Good topline. Well angulated hind quarters. Typical coat. Moves very close in hind quarters. Turn out elbows in front.

NKK Int. Ålesund 30.04.2022
Junior, EXC, CQ, BB, BOB
Judge: Hans Erik Pedersen, Denmark
Entries: 4

Feminint hode og uttrykk. Fin type og størrelse. Korrekt bitt. Godt pigment. Store, mørke øyne. God stopp. Velansatte ører. Prima hals og overlinje. Velansatt hale. Bra benstamme. Kunne ønske anelse lenger brystkasse. Godt vinklet for og bak. Beveger seg godt fra alle sider. En anelse trang bak. Korrekt benstruktur. Herlig temperament. Velvist.
Puppyshow Øyer Lillehammer 04.12.2021
Puppy 4-6 months, HP, BOB, BIG4
Judge: Linn Langset
Entries: 2

4 mnd, feminin tispe, feminint godt skåret hode, mørke pene øyne, korrekt bitt, fine ører, bra over og under linje, en tanke fremskutt skulder, ok vinklet, bra bevegelser, en aning trang bak, litt løs front, valpepels, fine farger, velvist, trivelig temperament.

18.06.2023 Sandefjord
RL2, 1.premie, 194p, 1. napp til RL3
Dommer: Hege Fredriksen
17.06.2023 Sandefjord
RL2, 3.premie, 194p
Dommer: Roger Fredriksen
26.06.2022 Sandefjord
RL1, 1.premie, 185p, 3. napp og opprykk til RL2, RL1 tittel, Bronsemerket i RL
Dommer: Merete Kristensen
25.06.2022 Sandefjord
RL1, 1.premie, 180p, 2. napp til RL2
Dommer: Crystal Kay
08.05.2022 Horten
RL1, 1.premie, 185p, 1. napp til RL2
Dommer: Kirsti Kahrs

Attended competition classes when she was 16 weeks old, 8 months old and 1 year old. Instructor: Sven Christer Hauge.
Has achieved the Bronze Award and is soon ready to compete in class 1.

Basic trained, with ambitions for more.

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